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Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator


1. Lightweight hand held hydraulic pressure pump. 

2. Pressure can be generated with fewer strokes by hand. 

3. Generates pressure up to 400 Kg/cm2 / Bar with Water. 

4. Top ½ ” BSP (F) adopter for the Master gauge. 

5. Side flexible tubing with ¼” BSP (F) adopter for gauges to be tested. 

6. Side release knob for pressure. 7. Side zero adjuster knob 

8. Hydraulic Oil container 

9.Accuracy +/- 0.5%


* Extension cable 

* Adopters ¼” BSP (M) X ¼” BSP (F) – 1 No. ¼” BSP (M) X 3/8” BSP (F) – 1 No. ¼” BSP (M) X ½ ” BSP (F) – 1 No. * Washers for ¼”, 3/8”, & ½” Connection


This is a hydraulic pump. Use any water or hydraulic oil as pressure medium. First ensure there is enough water or oil in the reservoir .There is a screw below the reservoir, remove it & fill water or oil using an water or oil can and tight the screw. At the front there is a ½” BSP female connection. Put the master gauge in that connection .At the side of the pump there is a 1/4 “ BSP male connection with a cap. Fix one side of the cable there and other end to the gauge to be calibrated. Tighten the release valve. First prime the pump. To prime push the rod below the reservoir. Hold the rod pushing and start pumping. When priming is over release the push rod. In this position the gap between the two handles is less. At the time of priming the handle position will be wider. There is a black knob which is used for fine adjust of the gauge. To release the pressure open the release valve.

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