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Low Range Pressure Calibrator


It is a screw type pump used to Measure Low Pressure or Vacuum. It has got two main parts.
One Cylinder and A piston with Pushing Screw and Rotating Knob

When we Rotate the Knob in the Clock wise Direction Pressure Increases and if was Rotate the
Knob in the Anti Clock wise Direction Minus Pressure / Vaccum Develops


To Generate Pressure Rotate The Knob in the Anti Clock Direction until
full Thread of the Piston Push Rod Appears Outside the Cylinder.

Put the Master Instrument
at Position

(1) And put the Instrument To be Calibration at Position

(2) Using the Extension Cable Provided. Close the Release Valve

(3) And Start Rotating the Knob in the Clock wise Direction unit you reach the Required Pressure To Measure Vacuum Keep the Release Valve Open and Rotate the Knob in the Clock wise direction Until the full Length of the Piston push Rod in-side the Cylinder. Put
the Master Instrument And the Instrument to be Tested at the Appropriate Positions close
the Release Valve and Rotate the knob in the anti Clock wise Direction Until you Required the Vacuum.

Item Low Range Pressure Calibrator With Stand & Isolation
Model No. JI-LLP-BT
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FSD

Description & operation

  1. Light weight pressure cum vacuum Pump
  2.  Pressure & vacuum can be generated with screw
    turns by hand
  3. Generates pressure up-1 to 7 Kg/cm2 / Bar/ mmWc
  4.  Turn screw anticlockwise for generating vacuum upto -1 Kg/cm2 / Bar.
  5.  ¼” BSP (F) adopter for gauges to be tested.
  6.  Side zero adjuster knob
    1) Extension Cable
    2) 1/4″ BSP (M) X 3/8″ BSP (F) – 1 No.
    3) 1/4″ BSP (M) X 1/2″ BSP (F) – 1 No.
    4) Nylon washers for 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ connection
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