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Pneumatic Calibrator

Pneumatic Vacuum Cum Pressure Calibrator

Application:- Pneumatic Hand Pump can be used along with analog or digital pressure gauges, standard or master, vacuum or pressure, gauges or indicator for testing and calibration of air operated sensors, manometers, gauges, indicators, controllers, transducers, transmitters, recorders and data loggers. 


Common Features: 

1) Light weight & easy to carry 

2) Easily generates pressure & vacuum through hand operated scissor action Pump, Pressure & vacuum can be generated with fewer strokes by hand 

3) Ultra-fine thread pitch and large volume control valve 

4) Medium: Dry Air

5) Free change between Pressure & vacuum through inbuilt kno

Standard Delivery: 

1) 1 meter 4 mm Nylon hose with 1/4″ BSP (F) adapter for connecting the test instrument 

2) Set of Adaptors SS 316: 

A) 1/4″ BSP (M) X 3/8″ BSP (F) – 1 No 

 B) 1/4″ BSP (M) X 1/2″ BSP (F) – 1 No 

 C) ¼” BSP(M) X ¼” BSP(F) – 1 No  

D) Nylon washers for 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Connection

 E) “O” Ring Set 


Optional Delivery: 

1) Master Digital Gauge: 

A) Accuracy: 0.5% 

 B) Accuracy: 0.25% 

 C) Accuracy: 0.1%

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