A Temperature Calibration bath is used to obtain precise temperature for calibration of RTD’s, (LIG) The liquid in Glass Thermometer, Thermocouples & PRTs, SPRTs. Temperature Calibration baths are electric controllers which are of high reliability & accuracy in measuring Temperature. Temperature Calibration Bath is particularly suitable for calibration of the widest range of Temperature Gauges or Instruments.

Technical Data:

Regulation of the heating block PID
regulator Temperature Range Room temperature to 600
Deg C Power Supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz.
Power consumption 1000 Watts
Accuracy +/- 0.5 Deg C


Block Bore ID 30.5 mm
Immersion length 120 mm
3 numbers of Adapter pockets of 30 mm OD are provided
extra with the following sizes:
1) ID 10 mm, 6.6 mm, 5.1 mm & 3.1 mm ID (4 Holes)
2) ID 8.5 mm, 6.6 mm, 6.6 mm & 5.1 mm ID (4 Holes)
3) ID 13.5 mm & 6.6 mm ID Holes (2 Holes)
Size of the instrument 150 X 300 X 280 mm
Weight of the instrument Approx. 8.5 Kg


It has to be made sure that the heat transmission
the resistance between the heating block & the
the test piece (thermometer, temperature sensor, temperature
switch) is as low as possible.
Therefore it is necessary to use exactly adapted

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