Acrylic Tube Rotameter for Water, Range 0 to 50 LPM, Connection 1″ NPT (M) SS at Top & Bottom

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Discover precision in water flow measurement with our Acrylic Tube Rotameter. Ranging from 0 to 50 LPM, this instrument ensures accuracy for various industrial applications. Featuring 1″ NPT (M) stainless steel connections at the top and bottom, it guarantees durability. Easy to install and suitable for chemical processing, water treatment, and more. Upgrade your fluid control with this reliable solution!

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Acrylic Tube Rotameter For Water: Precise Solution 

Introducing our Acrylic Tube Rotameter, a state-of-the-art instrument designed to provide accurate and reliable water flow measurement in a variety of industrial applications. With an impressive flow range of 0 to 50 liters per minute (LPM) and 1″ NPT (M) stainless steel connections at both the top and bottom, this rotameter offers a robust solution for fluid measurement needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Wide Range and Precision: The Acrylic Tube Rotameter covers a broad flow range, from 0 to 50 LPM, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. Whether you’re dealing with low or high flow rates, this rotameter ensures precision and accuracy in fluid control processes.

2. Transparent Acrylic Tube: The rotameter features a transparent acrylic tube, providing a clear visual of the fluid flow. This transparency not only facilitates easy monitoring but also adds to the overall durability of the instrument. Acrylic is resistant to corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan and maintaining the clarity of the tube over time.

3. Stainless Steel Connections: Equipped with 1″ NPT (M) stainless steel connections at the top and bottom, this rotameter offers robustness and corrosion resistance. The stainless steel material ensures the integrity of the connections, making it suitable for use in challenging industrial environments.

4. Versatility in Applications: Designed for versatility, this rotameter finds applications across various industries. Whether it’s chemical processing, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, or general industrial processes, the rotameter delivers reliable performance, meeting the diverse needs of different sectors.

5. Easy Installation: The rotameter is designed for easy installation with its 1″ NPT (M) connections. This feature makes it convenient for both new setups and retrofitting into existing systems. The transparent acrylic tube also aids in aligning the rotameter accurately within the fluid circuit.

Applications: The Acrylic Tube Rotameter is well-suited for a range of applications where precise water flow measurement is crucial:

  • Chemical Processing: Monitor and control the flow of chemicals with confidence and accuracy.
  • Water Treatment: Ensure optimal water flow rates in treatment processes, maintaining efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Meet stringent quality standards by accurately measuring and controlling fluid flows in pharmaceutical production.
  • General Industrial Processes: From manufacturing to research, this rotameter is versatile enough to be integrated into a multitude of industrial applications.

Quality Assurance: Our Acrylic Tube Rotameter undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet industry standards. Each unit is tested for accuracy, durability, and reliability to ensure it performs consistently in demanding operational environments.

Maintenance and Care: To maximize the lifespan and performance of your rotameter, it is recommended to follow regular maintenance procedures. Clean the acrylic tube regularly to ensure optimal visibility, and inspect the stainless steel connections for any signs of wear or corrosion.

In addition to its standout features, the Acrylic Tube Rotameter offers unparalleled ease of integration into existing systems, making it a versatile choice for various industrial settings. Its user-friendly design ensures that even operators with minimal technical expertise can install and operate the rotameter with confidence.

Moreover, the instrument’s adaptability allows for seamless integration with automation and control systems, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustment of water flow rates. This capability enhances the efficiency of processes, contributing to overall productivity and resource optimization.

By choosing our Acrylic Tube Rotameter, you are not just investing in a precise measurement tool; you are investing in the reliability and longevity of your fluid control processes. Experience the difference that cutting-edge technology and quality craftsmanship can make in your industrial operations.

Conclusion: In conclusion, our Acrylic Tube Rotameter for water, featuring a wide range of 0 to 50 LPM and 1″ NPT (M) stainless steel connections at the top and bottom, stands as a reliable and precise solution for fluid flow measurement. Its versatility, durability, and ease of installation make it an ideal choice for a myriad of industrial applications. Invest in this high-quality instrument to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your fluid control processes.

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Acrylic Tube Rotameter for Water

Flow Rate Range:

Capable of precise water flow measurement within a range of 50 LPM for accurate monitoring.

Tube Material:

Transparent acrylic tube construction ensures clear visualization of water flow.

Connection Type:

NPT Male Connections provide secure and reliable connections.

Mounting Option:

Versatile mounting options allow for easy integration into different setups.


Specifically designed for accurate and reliable measurement of water flow.

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