Bi-Metal Dial Thermometer Temperature Gauge, Dial Size 2 1/2″ (63 mm), Range 0 to 120 Deg C, Direct Mounting Back Entry, 12″ Long Stem, 1/2″ BSP (M) Connection, MOC SS Case & Stem

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Enhance industrial temperature monitoring with the “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation 2 1/2″ Bimetal Dial Thermometer. Featuring a 0-120°C range, stainless steel case, 12″ stem, and 1/2″ BSP (M) connection, it ensures accuracy and durability in diverse industrial applications. Ideal for food processing, chemical manufacturing, HVAC, and more, this thermometer offers reliable performance in demanding environments.

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Bimetal Dial Thermometer: Precision Temperature Monitoring for Industrial Applications

Temperature monitoring is critical in various industrial processes to ensure product quality, equipment safety, and operational efficiency. The “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation Bimetal Dial Thermometer is a reliable instrument designed for accurate temperature measurement in challenging environments. Featuring a robust stainless steel construction and advanced bimetallic technology, this thermometer offers precision and durability for diverse industrial applications.

Overview of the “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation Bimetal Dial Thermometer

The “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation Bimetal Dial Thermometer is engineered to deliver precise temperature readings with ease of use in mind. It features a compact 2 1/2″ (63 mm) dial that ensures clear visibility of temperature measurements. The thermometer is designed to measure temperatures ranging from 0 to 120 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial processes. It includes a 12″ long stem with a 1/2″ BSP (M) connection, crafted entirely from stainless steel for enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion. This design ensures reliability in harsh environments where accurate temperature monitoring is crucial.

Key Specifications

  1. Dial Size and Construction
    • The thermometer boasts a 2 1/2″ (63 mm) dial size, providing a clear display of temperature readings. The dial’s design facilitates quick and accurate monitoring, crucial for industrial applications requiring precise temperature control.
    • Constructed from stainless steel, the case ensures durability and resilience against environmental factors, maintaining reliable performance over extended periods.
  2. Temperature Range
    • With a temperature range spanning from 0 to 120 degrees Celsius, the thermometer meets the needs of various industrial processes requiring precise temperature monitoring within moderate temperature ranges.
  3. Stem Dimensions
    • The thermometer features a long 12″ stem, allowing for deep insertion into processes for accurate temperature readings. The stem’s stainless steel construction ensures durability and resistance to harsh operating conditions.
  4. Mounting and Connection
    • Designed for versatility, the thermometer includes a 1/2″ BSP (M) connection for straightforward installation and integration into industrial systems. The direct mounting configuration simplifies setup and enhances stability during operation.
  5. Materials of Construction
    • Both the case and stem of the thermometer are made from stainless steel, ensuring robustness and resistance to corrosion. This construction enhances the instrument’s longevity and reliability in demanding industrial environments.
  6. Bimetallic Technology
    • The core sensing element utilizes bimetallic technology, renowned for its accuracy and reliability in temperature measurement. The bimetallic strip responds to temperature changes by bending, translating these changes into precise readings on the dial.


The “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation Bimetal Dial Thermometer is suitable for diverse industrial applications, including:

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Ensuring proper temperature control during food processing to maintain product quality and safety.
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry: Monitoring temperatures in chemical processes to optimize reactions and ensure safety.
  • HVAC Systems: Maintaining ideal temperatures for efficient operation and energy conservation.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Monitoring temperatures in refining and extraction processes to enhance operational efficiency and safety.
  • Manufacturing: Ensuring precise temperature control in various manufacturing processes to maintain product integrity.

Benefits of the “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation Bimetal Dial Thermometer

  1. Accuracy and Reliability: The bimetallic technology provides accurate temperature readings essential for critical industrial processes.
  2. Durability: Stainless steel construction ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion, ideal for harsh industrial environments.
  3. Ease of Installation: The 1/2″ BSP (M) connection and direct mounting configuration simplify installation, enhancing operational efficiency.
  4. Clear Visibility: The 2 1/2″ dial size offers clear and easy-to-read temperature measurements, reducing errors and facilitating efficient monitoring.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications due to its robust construction and precise temperature measurement capabilities.


The “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation Bimetal Dial Thermometer is an essential tool for industries requiring precise temperature monitoring. Its durable stainless steel construction, coupled with advanced bimetallic technology, ensures accurate and reliable performance in demanding industrial environments. Whether used in food processing, chemical manufacturing, HVAC systems, or other applications, this thermometer provides the accuracy, durability, and ease of use necessary to enhance operational efficiency and ensure product quality. Invest in the “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation Bimetal Dial Thermometer to elevate your industrial temperature monitoring capabilities and maintain superior control over critical processes.

Japsin Instrumentation – Since 1974

Additional information


"Ji" Japsin Instrumentation


Bimetal Dial Thermometer – Temperature Gauge

Dial Size:

2 1/2 inches (63 mm)

Temperature Range:

0 to 120 degrees Celsius

Stem Length:

12 inches

Stem Diameter:

Standard 10 mm OD


Direct mounting with back entry


1/2" BSP (M)

Case Material:

Stainless Steel

Stem Material:

Stainless Steel

Sensing Element:

Bimetallic Strip


±1.6% Full Scale Deflection (FSD)

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