Dial Type Digital Temperature Gauge

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Welcome to the future of temperature control! “Ji” Japsin Instrumentation presents a line of Digital Temperature Gauges designed to elevate your precision monitoring experience.

Unrivaled Accuracy 

Experience world-class precision with accuracy at 0.5% FSD. Our instruments redefine the standard for temperature measurement, ensuring reliability and consistency in every use.

Durability Redefined 

Crafted for durability, “Ji” gauges withstand the test of time. The Back Bottom & all Angle Mounting options provide versatility, making them suitable for various applications.

Customization for Your Needs

Tailor your temperature monitoring solution with our customizable options. Achieve the perfect fit for your unique requirements and enhance the effectiveness of your operations.

Explore the Range

From -50 to 450 degrees C RTD to 0 to 1000 degrees C thermocouples, our gauges cover an extensive temperature range. Ensure exceptional results across diverse conditions with “Ji”.

2 reviews for Dial Type Digital Temperature Gauge

  1. Navya Menon

    Performance is good!

  2. Avyukt Singhania

    Exceptional service, top-notch quality!

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