Acrylic Tube Rotameter for Nitrogen Flow meter, Range 0 to 150 CC/Min, Connection 1/4″ BSP (M) at Side Top & Bottom, Control Valve Provided at Inlet

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Discover our Precision Nitrogen Flow Meter, an essential tool for precise gas flow management. This high-quality acrylic tube rotameter offers a range of 0 to 150 CC/Min, ensuring accuracy in nitrogen flow measurement. With 1/4″ BSP (M) connections at the side top and bottom, it provides installation flexibility, fitting seamlessly into your existing setup.

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Acrylic Tube Rotameter for Nitrogen Flow Measurement 

Unlock precision, reliability, and efficiency in nitrogen flow measurement with our top-of-the-line Acrylic Tube Rotameter. Designed to cater to a diverse range of industrial applications, this instrument boasts a robust construction and cutting-edge features to deliver accurate readings within the range of 0 to 150 CC/Min. Ideal for controlling and monitoring nitrogen flow rates, this device stands as a testament to quality and innovation in flow measurement technology.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Flow Range: 0 to 150 CC/Min
  2. Gas Compatibility: Nitrogen
  3. Material: High-grade Acrylic
  4. Connection Type: 1/4″ BSP (M) at Side Top & Bottom
  5. Control Valve: Provided at Inlet for precise flow control
  6. Operating Temperature: Suitable for temperatures within specified limits for Nitrogen flow

Superior Design and Construction

Crafted from high-grade acrylic material, the tube rotameter offers exceptional durability and visibility, allowing for easy observation of gas flow. Its transparent tube design facilitates clear visualization of the flowing nitrogen, aiding in precise measurement readings. Engineered with precision, this instrument guarantees reliable performance even in demanding operational conditions.

The rotameter comes equipped with a 1/4″ BSP (M) connection at both the side top and bottom, ensuring versatile installation possibilities to seamlessly integrate into existing setups. This dual connection feature enhances flexibility in positioning and facilitates easy connectivity, accommodating various system configurations.

Optimized Control and Monitoring

For enhanced operational control, a specialized control valve is provided at the inlet. This integrated valve empowers users to regulate the nitrogen flow effectively, allowing for adjustments as per specific requirements. The valve ensures accuracy in flow control, minimizing fluctuations and enabling precise readings.

The device’s user-friendly design simplifies the monitoring process, enabling operators to effortlessly track nitrogen flow rates. The marked measurement scale on the transparent tube ensures ease of readability, facilitating quick and accurate assessments.

Versatility and Application

Our Acrylic Tube Rotameter for Nitrogen Flow Meter caters to a wide spectrum of applications across industries such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, chemical processing, food and beverage, and more. It serves as an indispensable tool for applications requiring precise nitrogen flow measurement, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in diverse operational environments.

Whether used in research laboratories for gas chromatography or in manufacturing units for inerting processes, this rotameter offers unparalleled accuracy, making it a preferred choice across various sectors.

Reliable Performance and Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality and precision is reflected in the rigorous testing and adherence to industry standards that each rotameter undergoes before leaving our facilities. We prioritize accuracy, durability, and reliability, ensuring that our customers receive a product that excels in performance and longevity.

The robust construction of the acrylic tube rotameter ensures resilience against corrosion and wear, guaranteeing a prolonged service life. Its design minimizes susceptibility to damage from external factors, contributing to its longevity and dependable performance even in challenging working conditions.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation of the rotameter is straightforward, thanks to its versatile connection options and provided accessories. Detailed instructions accompany the device to facilitate hassle-free setup and integration within existing systems. Furthermore, routine maintenance requirements are minimal, contributing to cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.


In summary, our Acrylic Tube Rotameter for Nitrogen Flow Meter stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering and precision in flow measurement technology. With its robust construction, precise measurement capabilities, versatile installation options, and reliable performance, this instrument serves as an indispensable asset across a wide array of industries. Experience unparalleled accuracy, control, and efficiency in nitrogen flow measurement with our exceptional rotameter. Trust in its reliability to optimize your operations and ensure consistent and precise nitrogen flow management.

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Acrylic Tube Rotameter for Nitrogen Flow meter

Flow Rate:

Designed for precise flow measurement at 150 CC/Min for Nitrogen applications.

Tube Material:

Sturdy acrylic construction ensures durability and visibility of flow for accurate readings.

Gas Compatibility:

Specifically calibrated for use with Nitrogen, offering reliable and accurate measurements.

Application Versatility:

Suitable for both industrial and laboratory applications, meeting diverse flow measurement needs.

High Precision:

Engineered for high-precision flow measurement, providing accurate and consistent results.

Mounting Option:

Designed for panel mounting, offering flexibility in installation for various setups.

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