Glass Tube Rotameter for Acetone Flow meter, Range 0 to 4 LPH, Connection 1/2″ BSP (M) at Side Top & Bottom, Control Valve Provided at Inlet

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Experience unparalleled precision in acetone flow measurement with our Glass Tube Rotameter. Designed for a range of 0 to 4 Liters Per Hour (LPH), this device ensures accurate readings. Its 1/2″ BSP (M) connections at the side top and bottom offer versatile installation options. Featuring a built-in control valve at the inlet, this rotameter allows precise regulation of flow. Ideal for chemical processing and various industries, it guarantees reliability, accuracy, and ease of integration for optimal operational efficiency.

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Glass Tube Rotameter for Acetone Flow meter: Elevate your precision measurement

Introducing the Glass Tube Rotameter for precise Acetone Flow Measurement, featuring a comprehensive range of 0 to 4 Liters Per Hour (LPH) to cater to your specific industrial or laboratory needs. This state-of-the-art flow meter is meticulously designed to provide accurate and reliable readings for acetone flow rates, ensuring optimal process control and efficiency.

Technical specifications:

  1. Flow Range: 0 to 4 Liters Per Hour (LPH)
  2. Fluid Compatibility: Specifically designed for measuring acetone flow
  3. Connection Type: 1/2″ BSP (M) connections at the Side Top and bottom for easy integration
  4. Control Valve: Provided at the inlet for precise flow regulation and control
  5. Accuracy: High precision for accurate flow rate measurement
  6. Application: Ideal for chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and various industries requiring precise acetone flow measurement
  7. Installation: Simple and user-friendly design for easy integration into existing systems
  8. Material:
    • Tube Material: Transparent, durable glass tube for clear visual monitoring
    • Fittings: Robust and corrosion-resistant materials for longevity

Unparalleled Precision and Accuracy: Crafted with precision engineering, this Glass Tube Rotameter guarantees exceptional accuracy in measuring the flow of acetone within the specified range. The clear glass tube allows for easy visual monitoring of the fluid movement, ensuring real-time observation and precise readings. The carefully calibrated scale alongside the tube enables users to accurately determine the flow rate, minimizing errors and enhancing operational efficiency.

Versatile Flow Range and Adaptability: With a flow range spanning from 0 to 4 LPH, this Rotameter is ideal for various applications requiring precise acetone flow measurements. Whether used in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, or any industry requiring meticulous fluid control, this device caters to diverse operational needs. Its adaptability is further enhanced by the 1/2″ BSP (M) connections located at the side top and bottom, providing flexibility in installation and integration within different systems.

Enhanced Control with Integrated Valve: Facilitating enhanced control and ease of operation, a dedicated control valve is conveniently positioned at the inlet of the Rotameter. This feature allows users to regulate and fine-tune the acetone flow, ensuring optimal flow rates for specific processes or experimental setups. The inclusion of the control valve enhances precision and flexibility, enabling users to achieve desired flow conditions with utmost accuracy.

Robust Construction for Longevity: Constructed with high-quality materials, including durable glass tubing and robust fittings, this Rotameter ensures longevity and reliability even in demanding operational environments. The sturdy build and precise assembly of components guarantee resistance to corrosion, wear, and tear, thereby extending the lifespan of the device and reducing maintenance requirements.

Seamless Integration and Easy Installation: Designed for user convenience, this Rotameter offers hassle-free integration within existing setups or equipment. The 1/2″ BSP (M) connections at both the side top and bottom facilitate seamless installation, allowing for quick and straightforward integration into your system. Its user-friendly design ensures minimal downtime during installation, contributing to enhanced productivity.

Compliance with Industry Standards: This Glass Tube Rotameter for acetone flow measurement adheres to stringent industry standards, ensuring compliance with quality and safety regulations. Rigorous quality checks and testing procedures guarantee its reliability, accuracy, and performance, meeting the highest industry benchmarks.

In conclusion, the Glass Tube Rotameter for Acetone Flow Measurement, with its unparalleled precision, adaptability, integrated control valve, robust construction, and compliance with industry standards, stands as the optimal solution for accurately monitoring acetone flow rates across various industries and applications.

Invest in this high-quality flow meter to elevate your operational efficiency and achieve precise control over acetone flow processes.

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Glass Tube Rotameter for Acetone Flow meter

Flow Rate Range:

Precision flow measurement in the range of 0-4 LPH for accurate control.

Tube Material:

Transparent glass tube construction for clear visibility of acetone flow.

Control Valve:

Equipped with a control valve for easy regulation and control of acetone flow.

Connection Type:

1/2" BSP (M) connections at both Side Top & Bottom for versatile installation options.


Specifically designed for accurate and reliable acetone flow measurement.

Mounting Option:

Suitable for panel mounting, providing flexibility in installation for various setups.

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