Temprature Humidity Data Logger

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Data Logger


Memory for 32,700 readings
LCD to show logging information easily
Free selectable measurement cycle from 1 sec to 24 hrs.
Battery life: more than 3 years (Under Ideal condition at 22?C)
Display all status for Alarm and Record through 2 LED?s
Alarm display if user-defined max/min values are exceeded
Analysis software used to view graphically or Text mode For logging data.
USB Computer Interface (Advanced Software Program for all windows)
Power 3.6V ER 14250 X 1

Standard Accessories : Hard Carrying Case, Safety Lock USB Cable & Software

Dimension : 94.8(H) x 51.4(W) x 29.5(D)mm

3 reviews for Temprature Humidity Data Logger

  1. Aahil Kapoor

    Great investment

  2. Tithira Choudhury

    Quality, reliability, and great value!

  3. Iva Patel

    Nice Product

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